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Dima and Denis founded Russian Village Boys in 2014 in a remote village near St. Petersburg. As the boys say, “that night we were drinking vodka, dancing, listening to Paul Elstak and the guys from Nouveau Riche Music, and we thought: why not start our own group?”

Today, Russian Village Boys is a big world, a world of never-ending madness, loud hard music, and punk energy. People all over Europe dress in Adidas tracksuits and head to RVB concerts to mosh, sing songs about love, and then mosh again to hardbass and uptempo. It has become a true culture, and this is just the beginning!

The boys want to spread their culture worldwide. People from the UK, USA, South America, Asia, Australia, and many other parts of the world are already waiting for Russian Village Boys to come to their hometowns. The guys know it, and soon the wild village madness will sweep across the planet like a hurricane!

To be ready, listen to their songs and watch their music videos before they knock on your door!




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Russian Village Boys started their career in 2014 in a small Village near St. Petersburg, Russia.

From school times they are big fans of Dutch musical culture. On the streets of St. Petersburg, they danced Jumpstyle and Hakkuh to tracks by Headhunterz, Paul Elstak and others. And on the weekends, they made village parties in their famous house, where always played tracks from Boaz van de Beatz, Mr. Polska, Jebroer from Nouveau Riche Music and Yellow Claw.

In 2018 Russian Village Boys released the track and video clip “I love Netherlands”, which became a hit in the Netherlands. This was the starting point, after the Netherlands, rumors about the boys began to spread throughout Europe. Cheerful and energetic hardbass, hardstyle and hardcore tracks, as well as creative video clips of RVB are always highly appreciated by the audience and collect millions of Spotify streams and views on YouTube.

Russian Village Boys always try to work with their idols, which inspired them at the beginning of their musical journey. In 2019 they released 2 singles with Mr. Polska “Adidas” and “Lost in Amsterdam”; in 2021 — «Crazy Mega Cool” with Paul Elstak; in 2022 — the third single with Mr. Polska “Molotov”; and the last big collaboration with the childhood idol was the song “Daddy WTF” with Jimmy Pop from the legendary band Bloodhound Gang.

Over the course of 4 years, RVB played almost 60 shows across Europe. From small concerts they grew up to big festivals such as Dauwpop, M4Music festival, Parrow fest, Paaspop, WiSH Outdoor, So W’Happy, Elecrtic Fortress and Sunglow.RVB are independent artists, their whole career they adhere to the principle of free creativity without boundaries, and this is the main reason why they enjoy the unlimited love of their fans around the world.

Now the Boys finally moved to the Netherlands, and they have huge plans! Follow the news in our media because new incredible album, crazy collabs and weird but beautiful videos are coming!

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